Spectrometer Gratings UV 200 nm – 400 nm

Ibsen Fused Silica Transmission Gratings enable high resolution, high efficiency gratings that are ideal for compact spectrometers

Spectrometer gratings

Ibsen offers a line of spectrometer gratings spanning from UV bandwidths over VIS to NIR bandwidths, and also offers custom design of gratings for your OEM application. Production using our stepper lithography or proprietary, cost-effective Holostepper technology, allows manufacture of holographic, 100% fused silica Master gratings at prices previously only possible for replicas.

Features and benefits

  • Lithographic or holographic stepper patterning technology combines the highest quality of patterning with the reproducibility and cost level of replicated gratings.
  • 100% Fused silica gratings provide unbeatable temperature stability, environmental tolerance and power damage threshold – also in the UV
  • Grating resolutions up to ~3000 l/mm
  • High diffraction efficiency with high dispersion
  • Low polarization dependence (PDL) over broad spectral ranges
  • Combined wavelength dispersion and folding elements
  • Multiple prototyping, small and high volume production technologies
  • Class 10 cleanroom production ensures low noise and high cleanliness – as well as a controlled environment for our metrology capabilities.
  • Extensive grating metrology including proprietary period measurement systems, a versatile diffraction efficiency measurement system, a high resolution defect inspection system as well as AFM/SEM ensuring that agreed upon specifications are fulfilled.


In addition to OEM grating supply, Ibsen offers a full line of standard spectrometer gratings which are available from stock:

GratingWavelength range
Grating area
(mm x mm)
Substrate size
(mm x mm)
FSTG-UVVIS1250-702190 - 85012504.0 x 4.05.0 x 8.0
FSTG-UVNIR966-701190 - 1100966.24 x 45 x 8
FSTG-UV2847-916200 - 400284713.5 x 12. 515 x 15
FSTG-XUV2421-906190 - 4372421 4 x 45 x 7
FSTG-XUV2421-921190 - 4372421 8.1 x 8.19.1 x 12
FSTG-XVIS1274-904360 - 8301274 4 x 45 x 7
FSTG-XVIS1274-920360 - 83012748.1 x 8.19.1 x 12


The full Ibsen grating portfolio comprises 4 different grating types that may be suitable for various spectrometry applications – the full range is shown here: