• The robustness and low unit-to-unit variation of Ibsen’s spectrometers have enabled FOSS to deliver instruments for in-line process control in harsh environments and requiring minimal installation and maintenance effort. –SVP for Research & Development, FOSS A/S

  • I am using Ibsen spectrometers in many of my projects because they provide the high performance, I need, in a convenient ultra-compact form factor– Gajendra Singh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Ibsen’s unique transmission grating-based spectrometer technology has enabled us to bring innovative and truly differentiating products to the market.– Ruud Bouten, Admesy

  • We value the great support and flexibility that the Ibsen team provided during our integration of their spectrometer module.– Christian Krause, Viso Systems

  • No matter the request, from complex custom designs through fast and faster deliveries, Ibsen has always been there to support us with the most efficient and courteous service. They repeatedly achieved the impossible in order to supply us with the best quality phase masks in record time.– Julie Grondin, MPB Technologies

  • We are thankful for all the support and speedy responses we get from Ibsen, it is refreshing and very much appreciated to have such a supplier. – Craig Tombling, Agilent Technologies LDA UK Ltd.

  • The DISB electronics, in combination with Ibsen’s FREEDOM HR spectrometers, is a great choice for compact, yet high performing LIBS instruments. –Dr. Jens-Uwe Günther, Secopta analytics GmbH.

  • Thank you. I look forward to having not only one but even two of your very fine spectrometers next year. You have been very generous with sending us demo spectrometers without any fuzz and that really helps to convince us of their performance. –Jonas Petersson, Swerea KIMAB

  • As you can see, the Ibsen devices become the first thought that comes to our minds when we start a new project.–Andrzej Rybczyński, GL Optic Polska Sp.

  • Having purchased a number of your I-MON spectrometers as well as phase masks for FBGs in the past 5 years, I’d like to say that the performance your I-MON product is very impressive – reliable, small, and easy to use.–Ming Han, Michigan State University


Introducing PEAK XNIR!

We are excited to announce our new and innovative OEM spectrometer called PEAK XNIR that features DLP® Pico™ technology from Texas Instruments.

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