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About us

Let us take you through the story of who we are and what makes us unique.

Ibsen Photonics corporate profile

Ibsen Photonics develops and manufactures transmission diffraction gratings and grating based spectrometer modules. Our grating are used in a broad range of applications in diverse industries such as telecom, sensing, lasers and spectroscopy. Our spectrometer modules are used in sensor systems and spectroscopy applications such as absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, Optical Coherence Tomography, Raman Spectroscopy, and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.

For an easy-to-understand explanation of our technologies, click here for Ibsen for dummies.

High Performing Grating Components

Ibsen gratings are tailored to specific customer requirements, manufactured to very tight specifications using unique Ibsen processing technologies, and pass extensive metrology and quality inspections prior to shipment.

Ibsen manufactures both standard grating products and gratings that are entirely customer specified, either in one-off, non-recurring requirements, or in continuing deliveries of high quantities. In both cases our customers enjoy our policy of always helpful after-sales support and services to ensure success for our customers.

OEM spectrometer modules

The hallmarks of Ibsen spectrometer modules are that they are robust, compact, and offer high sensitivity. We offer a number of spectrometer modules, each designed to the requirements of its application.

Inside Ibsen Photonics

We work extensively with customers on an OEM basis, i.e. designing and manufacturing customer specified modules that go into a customer’s products.

The core expertise of Ibsen Photonics lies in opto-mechanical design, grating technology and metrology. We master the cycle from optics and grating simulation and design, through optical and semiconductor production technologies, to high volume assembly, packaging and testing.

Over the years we have developed many new designs, technologies and processes in these areas – a number of these have been granted patents.

Our grating production facilities are world-class, including class 10 cleanroom facilities that we designed and built in 2000/2001, in which all environmental parameters are under continuous strict control.

Our spectrometers are produced under strict quality control in our assembly facility in Farum.

The story of Ibsen

The rest is history

Ibsen was founded in 1991 by Per Ibsen under the name of Ibsen Micro Structures A/S.

In the year 2000, Ibsen Microstructures was acquired by ADC Telecommunications based in Minneapolis, USA. The ownership by ADC brought to Ibsen a strong operational focus and capability, including Telcordia qualification of telecom gratings and modules.

Restructuring of ADC due to the abrupt decline of the telecommunications market in 2001 led to a management buy-out in November 2001, backed by two major venture capital companies, in which Ibsen Photonics was created in its present form. In 2010, Foss A/S acquired 85% of Ibsen. The remaining 15% are owned by management and employees.

The old and the new

The Ibsen spirit today combines the dynamic, entrepreneurial culture of a small company with the disciplined, operational mentality of a large corporation. With an average employee tenure of more than 10 years, Ibsen makes for a very effective and well-greased organization that builds on more than 25 years of experience as a company.

What the future holds

The above qualities have all contributed to Ibsen’s position as a global leader in transmission gratings and spectrometer modules. Our goal is to continue to develop and apply our core competencies to products and services that provide value for our customers.

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