Spectrometer resources

Technical notes

Read our technical notes to get a better understanding of how to select the right spectrometer for your application.


How to choose a spectrometer?

This guide will help you select the right type of spectrometer based on your specific requirements to things like wavelength, resolution, size, cost etc.


Spectrometer design guide

Understand the basic principles and formulas behind the design of a diffraction grating based spectrometer in this brief tutorial.


Detector selection guide

Overview of the various detector option technology options like CMOS, CCD, InGaAs and how to select the right one for your application.


Coupling into your spectrometer?

Understand the importance of numerical aperture/f-number and the difference between fiber and free-space coupling.


Reflection and transmission gratings

Read about the differences between reflection and transmission gratings for spectrometer design.


PEBBLE NIR spectrometer comparison

See how our ultra-compact PEBBLE NIR spectrometer compares to another compact spectrometer in this report from RECENDT – Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH.


Manufacturing facility tour

Watch a video from Ibsen’s manufacturing facility

White papers

Get an in-depth understanding from our white papers


Anyone can build one spectrometer

Read about the difference between building a single spectrometer and manufacturing spectrometers in high volume with consistent performance.


Make or buy your spectrometer

Learn about the key decision process you need to go through to evaluate how to design and manufacture your spectrometer.


The benefits of transmission grating based spectroscopy

Understand the basic difference in terms of performance between spectrometers based on transmission and reflection gratings.


The ultimate guide to spectrometer integration

This e-book includes an extensive collection of useful guides to choosing the correct configuration of your next spectrometer while taking size, cost, signal-to-noise ratio, sensitivity, and much more into account.

Contributed articles

See our contributed articles published in internationally recognized magazines


Diode Array Spectrometers – augment fluorescence based research

Biophotonics Magazine


Digital micromirrors reveal new opportunities for NIR spectroscopy

Photonics Spectra


Dynamic gate algorithm for multimode fiber Bragg grating sensors

Applied Optics


How to design a miniature Raman spectrometer

Spectroscopy Magazine


Compact and high performance spectrometers based on novel transmission gratings with high dispersion

Applied Spectroscopy

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