Compact, light weight and cost efficient

The I-MON DISB Interrogation Monitors are designed for customers who want to operate the I-MON via a reliable industrial interface. The DISB electronics is interfaced via SPI and can be connected directly to the customer’s microprocessor-based control electronics.

The DISB electronics converts the analog video output from the detector to a 16-bit digital signal that can be read over the SPI interface. It offers software and hardware trigger control, onboard averaging and advanced lamp control.

The I-MON 256 C DISB,  256 DISB, 512 DISB and 1024 DISB are based on our OEM series using a high speed InGaAs detector array for sensing at 1550 nm. The I-MON 256/512 DISB uses the same electrical interface, making it easy to use the same software to control either device.

The I-MON 835 DISB offers a cost-effective, yet high performing, sensing solution for 835 nm FBG’s.

All our I-MON DISB are offered with a Developer’s Kit to get started plug and play.

Product selector guide

ParameterUnitI-MON 256 C DISBI-MON 256 DISBI-MON 512 DISBI-MON 1024 DISBI-MON 835 DISB
Max number of sensors-36377013045
Diode array-Hamamatsu G13913-256GGHamamatsu G11620 seriesHamamatsu G11620 seriesHamamatsu G14714-1024 DGHamamatsu S11639N-01
Number of pixels-2562565121024(*)2048(*)
Max speedHz3,5005,0002,5001,500600

(*) Only 1024 pixels are illuminated

I-MON DISB with Developer’s Kit

Enables Plug-and-Play Operation with the I-MON DISB

The I-MON DISB Developer’s Kit will demonstrate the performance of the I-MON DISB in an easy manner without the need for hardware interfacing and tedious programming from the customer’s side. It enables the customer to use the I-MON DISB with its own light sources and FBG sensors using a PC as a monitor and thereby test the basic performance via standard spectrometer software.

Package content

The I-MON DISB Developer’s Kit contains the following items:

  • I-MON DISB Module

  • DISB-USB Bridge

  • Interface- and trig cables

  • Quick guide with a download link for software and manuals

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I-MON interrogation monitors are suitable for a wide range of applications