I-MON 1024 DISB Interrogation monitor (1460 - 1620 nm)

The I-MON 1024 DISB Interrogation Monitors offer realtime spectrum monitoring of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors in the 1460-1620 nm wavelength range. High spectrometer resolution combined with broad wavelength range provides high resolution interrogation monitors allowing measurement of a large number of FBG sensors.

Equipped with Ibsen DISB-485 electronics, the analouge video output from the detector is connected to a 16-bit digital signal that can be read over the SPI interface.


  • Vibration analysis
  • Temperature measurements
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Strain measurements
ParameterUnit I-MON 1024 DISB
Maximum number of FBG sensors 130
Minimum FBG spacing pm 1200 pm
Wavelength rangenm1460 - 1620
Wavelength fit resolutionpm< 0.5
Repeatability (over any pol. state) pm5 (7 max) *
Wavelength drift pm / deg C 2 (4 max)
Power/Measurement dynamic rangedB 35/15
Input optical power range dBm -90 to -45
Measurement frequency kHz 1.5 max.
Electrical interfaceDISB-485
Number of pixels1024
Size (LxWxD) mm 78 x 79 x 40
Operating temperaturedeg C-10-60 **

(*) Note that by applying temperature control or temperature correction, the wavelength accuracy over the entire wavelength range can be improved.

(**) Non-condensing

A detailed Product Specification and User’s Manual are available upon request.

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