Grating foundry services

Ibsen offers a variety of grating foundry services

Holographic or Lithographic pattening and RIE/ICP etch

We offer pattening and etch of grating structures on fused silica or other materials, applying Ibsen’s unique know-how:

  • 100% Class 10 cleanroom environment

  • Grating period accuracy and uniformity of +/- 0.01 nm

  • Substrate / wafer size capabilities up to 6″ (150 mm)

  • Grating area definition possibilities

  • RIE etching services combined with the grating patterning servicefused silica transmission gratings

Grating SEM, Photoresist on Si, 350 nm period

We have holographic stepper and lithography based production equipment for cost-effective, high volume production of gratings with sizes up to approx. 25 mm x 20 mm, and we have flexible, low volume holographic production equipment for gratings up to 120 mm size. A couple examples of gratings patterned in photoresist are shown below.

Grating Foundry Services

Which grating foundry service to use?

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