ROCK Spectrometers

4 times better sensitivity!

The ROCK platform is a series of inustrial grade, pre-configured OEM spectrometers that provide:

  • High optical throughput
  • Symmetrical peak shapes
  • Adaption flexibility for customer specific detectors and electronics
  • Robust, athermal design

See the configurations here: ROCK VIS, ROCK VIS-NIR, ROCK SW-NIR, ROCK NIR and ROCK XNIR.

If you have trouble getting enough light for your spectroscopy system, a ROCK sectrometer could be your answer.


Our spectrometers are well suited as the spectral engine in your analytical instrument for a wealth of applications in:

  • Health care and life science
  • Food and agriculture
  • Light measurement
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Security
  • Biophotonics

On our application pages you can find help to identify which of our spectrometer platforms best suits your needs.

High throughput by design

The ROCK spectrometers are based on a transmission geometry with two lenses and a transmission grating in a nearly on-axis beam geometry. This is in contrast to the typical Czerny-Turner design that uses two mirrors and a reflection grating in an off-axis beam geometry.

The on-axis geometry of the ROCK spectrometers enables a much larger acceptance angle for the input beam than the Czerny-Turner configuration and thereby a much higher amount of coupled light. The numerical aperture (NA) of the ROCK spectrometers are 0.22 (f-number of 2.2) whereas typical Czerny-Turner configurations are limited to NA of 0.07 to 0.11 (f-number of 4.5 – 7.1).

Furthermore, the ROCK spectrometers use transmission gratings with efficiency in the 70 – 90 % range, whereas typical blazed reflection gratings are limited to 30 – 60 %.

You can read much more about the benefits of our transmission grating based spectrometers here.

Product list

DetectorDetector benefitsVIS
380-780 nm
550-1050 nm
815-1065 nm
900-1700 nm
1100-2200 nm
Hamamatsu S10420
High sensitivity
Medium S/N
Hamamatsu S8380-256
High S/N
High linearity
Hamamatsu S8381-512
High S/N
High linearity
Hamamatsu G9203-256
NIR range--RSM-420-
Hamamatsu G9214-512
NIR range--RSM-445-
Hamamatsu G9206-256
Extended NIR range---RSX-465


Request a quotation here for any of our ROCK spectrometers. If you have special requirements for resolution, detector, or wavelength range, just enter those into the “Request quotation” form.