ROCK Spectrometers

4 times better sensitivity

The ROCK platform is a series of industrial grade, pre-configured OEM spectrometers that provide:

  • High optical throughput

  • Symmetrical peak shapes

  • Adaption flexibility for customer specific detectors and electronics

  • Robust, athermal design

If you have trouble getting enough light for your spectroscopy system, a ROCK spectrometer could be your answer.



Our spectrometers are well suited as the spectral engine in your analytical instrument for a wealth of applications in:

  • Health care and life science

  • Food and agriculture

  • Light measurement

  • Semiconductor manufacturing

  • Security

  • Biophotonics

On our technology pages, you can learn more about several applications used in spectroscopy, and on our industry pages, you can find inspiration on how our technology can be used in various industries.

ROCK spectrometer

High throughput by design

The ROCK spectrometers are based on a transmission geometry with two lenses and a transmission grating in a nearly on-axis beam geometry. This is in contrast to the typical Czerny-Turner design that uses two mirrors and a reflection grating in an off-axis beam geometry.

The on-axis geometry of the ROCK spectrometers enables a much larger acceptance angle for the input beam than the Czerny-Turner configuration and thereby a much higher amount of coupled light. The numerical aperture (NA) of the ROCK spectrometers are 0.22 (f-number of 2.2) whereas typical Czerny-Turner configurations are limited to NA of 0.07 to 0.11 (f-number of 4.5 – 7.1).

Furthermore, the ROCK spectrometers use transmission gratings with efficiency in the 70 – 90 % range, whereas typical blazed reflection gratings are limited to 30 – 60 %.

Do you want to know about the benefits of transmission grating-based spectrometers?

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We understand that it can be hard to judge the performance of a spectrometer just from the data sheet. Therefore, we offer a time limited loan of a demo unit to customers that meet certain criteria.

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ROCK is suitable for a wide range of industries

Our spectrometers are well suited as the spectral engine in your analytical instrument for a wealth of applications in: