High power gratings

Fused silica transmission gratings offer an order of magnitude higher power handling capability than any other grating technology including conventional Au-coated reflection gratings and VPH gratings.

While specific substrate materials and optional AR coatings may differ, all Ibsen gratings are based on fused silica, with excellent transmission characteristics in all wavelength regions – from below 200 nm to above 2000 nm.

All our gratings are therefore ideal for high power applications, and we furthermore manufacture custom gratings for many different niche applications:

Power damage threshold

“High power applications” is a broad term; power damage threshold cannot easily be stated in just one or two numbers. Furthermore, to date we do not have information of any power level that has in fact caused damage to our gratings. The table below lists compiled experimental data provided by customers/partners.

Example applications – below damage threshold

Ibsen High Power Grating
WavelengthOperationPulse energyPulse lengthBeam diameterPeak powerRep rateReference
248 nmPulsed
55 mJ/cm2500 fsN/A100 GW/cm210 HzFORTH-IESL
248 nm
105 mJ/cm2
5 psN/A20 GW/cm2
264 nmPulsed
300 μJ220 fs3 mm (before 1D focusing)19 GW/cm227 HzUniversity College Cork
500 nmPulsed150 μJ250 fs1.28 mm88 GW/cm210 kHzPolitecnico di Milano
785 nmPulsed
1.04 J/cm240 fs0.14 mm (FWHM)24.4 TW/cm23 kHzICFO - Reported Damage threshold
800 nmPulsed
2.1 mJ70 fs5 mm150 GW/cm21 kHzTemple University, CAPR
800 nmPulsed
2.0 mJ100 fs6x8 mm40 GW/cm21 kHzSincrotrone Trieste
808 nmCW
N/AN/A~1.4 mm65 kW/cm2N/A
808 nmCWN/AN/A4 mm47 kW/cm2N/ARAM Photonics
975 nmCWN/AN/A~0.2 mm250 kW/cm2N/A
1030 nmPulsed4.7 μJ100 fs2 mm1.5 GW/cm210 MHzETH/ULP
1064 nmPulsed/CW1 μJ100 fs10-20 mm5,6 MW/cm240 GHz
1064 nmPulsed, input
150 nJ10 ps0.75-1 mm2,5 MW/cm280 MHzNKT Research
1064 nmPulsed, output87 nJ500 fs0.75-1 mm30 MW/cm280 MHzNKT Research
1064 nmPulsed
17.6 J4 ns0.42 mm3.2 TW/cm2N/AReported Damage threshold
1064 nmCWN/AN/A1.6 mm80 kW/cm2N/A
1064 +/- 20 nmPulsed
1.5 μJ5 ps1-2 mm17 MW/cm2100 MHz

A couple of the above test result providers have graciously allowed us to make their full test report available here:

Temple University test report

ICFO test report

We will be adding to this table as we receive further results from our customers – please send us any such data you have – we are especially interested in hearing of any achieved power levels that actually have led to grating damage! We are equally happy to reference you or not as you prefer.

All Ibsen gratings are high power capable.

Which transmission grating to use?

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