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Double Celebration: Gazelle and Success Company Award


In this news update, we want to share the exciting news of our recent recognition with the Gazelle and Success Company Awards. Thank you to our team, customers, and suppliers for their integral roles in making this achievement possible. As we continue our journey, we look forward to collaborating with you. So, don't miss the chance to connect with us at BiOS and Photonics West 2024, where we will be pleased to help you with your next spectroscopy development to support your path to growth. We are thrilled to announce that we have received our fourth Gazelle Award from Børsen,

Celebrating the Day of Photonics


In celebration of the Day of Photonics, we will highlight a few insights into the significant contributions our spectrometers have made in industries spanning life science, agriculture, manufacturing, lighting, and many more. Specifically, we will explain how our ROCK spectrometers can enhance your productivity with faster in-line process analysis to e.g. help you grade your food faster. In addition, we want to invite you to hear a presentation about how our compact spectrometers are suitable for blood analysis. What Ibsen Spectrometers Can Do for Food Quality Inspections? With spectrometers, you can maximize the value of your fruits. Imagine that you

Why collaborate with Ibsen Photonics?


Over the past three decades, Ibsen Photonics has collaborated with many customers across the entire photonics industry. We specialize in tailormade compact, cost-efficient, and high performance spectrometers. We build long-term relationships with our customers through effective communication, clear expectations, and transparency. CEO of Admesy, Steven Goetstouwers, commented that ”One of the things we really appreciated about Ibsen is they stuck with us, they kept helping us, they kept advising us on what to build and how to integrate. They really shared a long-term vision of the customer-supplier relationship.” Based on our FREEDOM platform, we provided Admesy with a customized solution:

Your FREEDOM of Choice!


With our FREEDOM spectrometer platform, you can choose among 273 configuration options for your project. Our FREEDOM platform is available in a wide selection of wavelength ranges from DUV to NIR, five different detector types to choose from, and can be supplied with electronic. This allows you to achieve optimal performance for a multitude of applications. It’s a proven superior design with over 22,000 units manufactured during the past five years. The entire FREEDOM platform is based on Ibsen’s own communication protocols, which means you can change the model with minimal development cost and shorten your development time. Would you

Discover the World’s Smallest Transmission-Based Spectrometer


Introducing the PEBBLE spectrometer platform, which with its 23 x 21 x 8 mm makes it the World’s smallest transmission-based spectrometer. Being designed around our high-efficiency transmission gratings, the entire range (VIS, VIS-NIR, & NIR) can detect even low-intensity signals. Creating a high-efficient solution with such a small footprint, and further having it designed for volume production, enables you to use spectrometers in areas that previously have been unthinkable. Experience the power of compact spectrometry and explore its endless possibilities for biophotonics, medical, food, and precision agriculture applications. Stay tuned for an exclusive opportunity to witness the PEBBLE spectrometer in

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