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Introducing the Compact EAGLE C-OCT-S spectrometer with MIPI Camera Module and Developer’s Kit


Press Release – Farum, July 01, 2024 The EAGLE C-OCT-S spectrometer is the smallest commercially available OCT spectrometer on the market, with a compact footprint of only 61 x 110 x 33 mm. It maintains the same high performance as the EAGLE OCT-S spectrometer, but in a scaled and optimized form-factor. With a wavelength range of 60 nm covering the linear detector array, the EAGLE C-OCT-S allows for depth measurements of up to 3 mm (in air) while maintaining excellent roll-off performance of <14 dB even at its maximum measurement depth. Designed as an industrial-grade spectrometer with an OEM-focused data

From design concept to seamless volume production


Do you need a compact, high-performance OEM spectrometer? Ibsen Photonics specializes in developing customized solutions to ensure optimal performance, enabling you to create a unique product. This is substantiated by 200 years of combined experience in R&D and more than six new designs annually. Our unique transmission gratings are a core to Ibsen Photonics's spectrometer performance. They allow light to disperse over shorter distances, leading to shorter lens focal lengths and, consequently, smaller spectrometers, less material, and lower costs. Are you curious about exploring how you can benefit from using transmission grating spectrometers? Learn moreProven volume production We manufacture 10,000+

Uncover new innovations: Join us at SPIE BiOS & Photonics West 2024


Exciting times are upon us at Ibsen Photonics as we proudly announce our innovative product launches at this year's SPIE BiOS and Photonics West! We are looking forward to introducing our latest transmission grating, interrogation monitor, and spectrometer products for OCT and Raman spectroscopy. Explore the features of each new product in this newsletter. Ibsen Photonics is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in photonics, and we look forward to sharing these innovations with you. See you soon at SPIE BiOS and Photonics West! New SD-OCT spectrometer delivers unmatched roll-off performance and image quality Introducing our EAGLE OCT-S-M

New product launches at SPIE BiOS and Photonics 2024


As we approach the end of the year 2023, we would like to express our appreciation for the continued support of our customers and partners. At Ibsen Photonics, we value long-term relationships, and it is your trust and collaboration that have helped us thrive for over three decades. We look forward to another year of fruitful collaboration. To kick off the new year, we would like to invite you to join us at BiOS and Photonics West 2024. These events will provide an opportunity for you to see our latest product innovations and explore potential collaboration opportunities together. Happy holidays

Double Celebration: Gazelle and Success Company Award


In this news update, we want to share the exciting news of our recent recognition with the Gazelle and Success Company Awards. Thank you to our team, customers, and suppliers for their integral roles in making this achievement possible. As we continue our journey, we look forward to collaborating with you. So, don't miss the chance to connect with us at BiOS and Photonics West 2024, where we will be pleased to help you with your next spectroscopy development to support your path to growth. We are thrilled to announce that we have received our fourth Gazelle Award from Børsen,

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