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It’s small! It’s sensitive! It’s the grating!


Ibsen is the industry leader in this field, as we are able to make gratings more precisely than anybody else. If you magnify our gratings to the size of a football field, the precision of our grating lines would correspond to a thin blade of grass. Based on these transmission gratings, with the market’s highest efficiency, we offer compact OEM spectrometers. They all have a proven high throughput, verified unit-to-unit repeatability, and provide a flat spectral response. Our decades of experience in delivering transmission gratings have taught us to master the technique to produce gratings for compact and handheld devices.

Measuring Fluorophores with our PEBBLE Spectrometer


  At the beginning of this year, our application specialist Rasmus Sterobo has been busy building a fluorescence front end demo for our ultra compact Pebble spectrometer. We couldn’t be happier with how things have progressed. He started out using one of our office plants as a test object and he managed to measure fluorescence from the chlorophyll in the leaves. Recently he extended his tests by measuring fluid fluorophores through the collaboration of the Department of Chemistry of Copenhagen University. The measurement was carried out on a variety of fluid fluorophores such as fluorescein, rhodamine, ADOTA, Cresyl Violet and

Your Guide for Volume Production of Spectrometers


    Building one spectrometer might not seem overwhelming for anyone. But what do you do if this spectrometer is going to be produced in volume quantities? Building and maintaining a volume production with high and consistent performance requires much, much more. If you need help thinking through your options, we recommend reading our recently published white paper entitled “Anyone Can Build One Spectrometer”. In this white paper, we share key insights based on Ibsen Photonics’ extensive knowledge and focus on mass production of spectrometers. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this brief guide, you will have a clear understanding of

New white paper on transmission grating based spectroscopy


Ibsen has released a white paper describing the benefits of transmission grating based spectrometer designs. Click here to learn more: White Paper - The Benefits of Transmission Grating Based Spectroscopy

White paper on Fused Silica Transmission Gratings


Ibsen presents white paper on Fused Silica Transmission Gratings Get the white paper here