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Broadband spectrometer

UV-NIR spectrometer and long pulse compression gratings


FREEDOM UV-NIR The FREEDOM combines compact size, cost efficiency, and high performance with flexibility in the choice of detector system. These benefits make FREEDOM especially well-suited for integration into portable and handheld instruments. The key benefits of the FREEDOM UV-NIR are high efficiency across the complete 190 – 1100 nm range, ultra compact size of 50 x 50 x 15 mm, robust and athermal performance, and flexibility in the choice of detector and electronics. The high broadband efficiency is obtained with an innovative transmission grating, developed and manufactured by Ibsen Photonics specifically for the FREEDOM UV-NIR. In contrast to typical

Ibsen Photonics expands its Transmission grating line


  Ibsen Photonics has added nine new Pulse Compression Gratings to our stock available line-up of 100% fused silica transmission gratings for high-power femtosecond laser pulse compression. These gratings cover a broad range of wavelengths from 675 nm to 1030 nm, grouped in the following grating types:   Just like all Ibsen's gratings, this new 100 % fused silica transmission gratings provide the highest energy/power damage, including UV, high diffraction efficiency, low wavefront distortion, low stray light, and environmental and thermal stability. 120 mm long PCGs As femtosecond laser systems advance to ever-increasing energy levels demands to the energy/power handling

Ibsen Innovations of 2016


[hr] Dear Reader, Christmas is here, and at Ibsen we look back at a great year, where we celebrated our 25 year anniversary. In 2016, we introduced several new innovative products such as our highly sensitive spectrometer for Raman applications - the EAGLE Raman-S. We also developed our own line of spectrometer electronics (DISB) offering fast and accurate timing. On the grating side, we released a number of new gratings for pulse stretching/compression as well as spectroscopy, while shipping 40% more gratings to customers than in 2015. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, suppliers

Product release: pulse compression gratings with >94% efficiency


Product Release - Copenhagen, May 10th, 2010 Ibsen Photonics offers pulse compression gratings in 100% fused silica for high-power femtosecond laser pulse compression at 1000-1100 nm wavelengths with higher than 94% diffraction efficiency Ibsen Photonics, a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks, transmission diffraction gratings and spectrometer modules based on diffraction gratings, now offers pulse compressions with exceptionally high diffraction efficiency. Kristian Buchwald, VP - Grating Business Unit comments: "Our fused silica pulse compression gratings have been well received by customers working with high-power femtosecond applications, where laser manufacturers have been hitting the energy ceiling of grating types available prior