New products: UV-NIR spectrometer and long pulse compression gratings

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In this newsletter, you can read about two new products that we will launch at BiOS and Photonics West. The first product is the ultra-compact, high efficiency FREEDOM UV-NIR spectrometer covering 190 – 1100 nm. The second product is the 120 mm long Pulse Compression Gratings for high power laser applications.

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The FREEDOM combines compact size, cost efficiency, and high performance with flexibility in the choice of detector system. These benefits make FREEDOM especially well-suited for integration into portable and handheld instruments.

The key benefits of the new FREEDOM UV-NIR are: high efficiency across the complete 190 – 1100 nm range, ultra compact size of 50 x 50 x 15 mm, robust and athermal performance, and flexibility in choice of detector and electronics.

The high broadband efficiency is obtained with a new innovative transmission grating, developed and manufactured by Ibsen Photonics specifically for the FREEDOM UV-NIR. In contrast to typical blazed gratings, this new grating provides nearly constant diffraction efficiency over the 190 – 1100 nm range for both polarizations. The small size, athermal performance, and robustness make the UV-NIR spectrometer ideal for process control out-of-the-lab environments as well as handheld and portable instruments.

FREEDOM UV-NIR comes in two standard variants with either a low cost front-illuminated CCD or a low noise back-thinned CCD but, more detector options are available upon request.

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120 mm long PCGs

Ibsen High Power Grating

High Power Grating

As femtosecond laser systems advance to ever-increasing energy levels, demands to the energy/power handling capabilities of pulse compression gratings increase. Ibsen manufactures 100% fused silica, transmission, Pulse Compression Gratings that offer unbeatable energy/power handling capacity, combined with high-efficiency, low wavefront distortion performance.

Now, production advances allow Ibsen to supply pulse compression gratings up to 120 mm in length.

Meet us in San Francisco

At SPIE BiOS and Photonic West

Ibsen Photonics will be exhibiting at the SPIE BiOS show in San Francisco from February 1st to 2nd at booth # 8743, and subsequently at the SPIE Photonics West show at booth # 743 from February 4th to 6th, where we will be present and ready to discuss these new products with you.

Jacob Andkjær is presenting the paper: “Topology-optimized broad-banded surface relief transmission grating” on February 3, 2014 at the upcoming “Physics and Simulation of Optoelectronic Devicess XXII” conference during session 2: Electromagnetics I (10:30 AM – 11:50 AM). This conference is a part of SPIE OPTO which will be held February 1-6, 2014 in San Francisco, California, USA. Find more information about the OPTO conference here.

Thomas Rasmussen, VP of Sales & Marketing, is holding a product demonstration on the Demo Area located in the Moscone Convention Center.

Exhibitor Name: Ibsen Photonics
Presenter’s Name: Dr. Thomas P. Rasmussen
Location: Demo Area 1 – South Hall ABC
Demo Date and Time: 05 February 12:30 PM (Wednesday)
Demo Title: New high efficiency transmission grating based spectrometers for UV-VIS-NIR and Raman spectroscopy
Brief Description: We present a range of innovative spectrometers from Ibsen Photonics incorporating our latest transmission grating technology with up to 90% polarization insensitive efficiency.

So come by our booth for more information – we look forward to seeing you there!

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