Your Guide for Volume Production of Spectrometers

Building one spectrometer might not seem overwhelming for anyone. But what do you do if this spectrometer is going to be produced in volume quantities? Building and maintaining a volume production with high and consistent performance requires much, much more.

If you need help thinking through your options, we recommend reading our recently published white paper entitled “Anyone Can Build One Spectrometer”. In ...


Ibsen Upgrades Spectrometer Electronics for CMOS Sensors

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Press Release, Farum, October 29, 2019
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Digital Image Sensor Board DISB-101T from Ibsen

Ibsen Photonics (, the global leader in fused silica transmission gratings and industrial grade spectrometer modules, today announced two new electronics options. The first being an upgraded version of the OEM electronics for their spectrometers and the second is a new, fast, and compact DISB-USB Bridge board.

Digital Image Sensor ...


A Video Presentation About Raman Spectroscopy

Now that fall season is here, don’t get frustrated watching countless leaves fall from the trees, filling up your yard.  We suggest you relax and watch this presentation to gain knowledge about Raman.

Raman spectrometers are traditionally high resolution, large and expensive spectrometers using deeply cooled cameras. However, Raman spectroscopy is experiencing strong growth in the ...

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