C Your Spectrum Clearly With FREEDOM C

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Ibsen has launched a new variant of the FREEDOM family of compact and high resolution spectrometers, the FREEDOM C series with improved resolution. We will be introducing this new series of spectrometers at SPIE BiOS and Photonics West in San Francisco, USA.

You are welcome to book a meeting with Ibsen or apply for a demo of this new high resolution FREEDOM C spectrometer.


Compact FREEDOM C with Improved Resolution

The FREEDOM C More...


Don’t Waste Photons in Your Raman System!


Dear Reader,

In this newsletter we are focusing on Raman spectroscopy, which is a molecular spectroscopic technique providing information about molecular vibrations that can be used for sample identification and quantitation.

Raman spectroscopy has some very unique advantages and is used in many different fields where a non-destructive, microscopic, chemical analysis and imaging is required. This is especially ideal for the ...


Focus on UV detectors for HPLC


Detectors for HPLC is the focus of this post, where we will get around HPLC and our FREEDOM UV-VIS spectrometer, which is a suitable UV detector for HPLC.

We often hear that instrument manufacturers are constantly faced with the challenge to develop new instruments that offer the end-user:


At Ibsen we believe that we can help solve some of these issues – if not all of them, with detectors for HPLC, e.g our FREEDOM UV-VIS. But first, what is HPLC?

High Pressure Liquid ...


Make or buy your spectrometer


One of the challenges instrument makers face today is an increasing need to bring new innovative products to the market faster and at lower cost. Spectrometers are an essential component in analytical instruments for a broad range of applications, for instance the life sciences, pharma, and process industries. Spectrometers are opto-mechanical modules that require specialized knowledge and equipment to design and manufacture. For many instrument companies it is not obvious which strategy – make or buy– they should choose ...


Developing high resolution OCT systems to diagnose glaucoma


Ibsen Photonics is participating in a newly started EU Horizon 2020 project, GALAHAD, aimed at developing high resolution OCT for glaucoma diagnosis. GALAHAD stands for Glaucoma-Advanced, Label-Free High Resolution Automated OCT Diagnosis, and the project was initiated in December 2016.

Glaucoma is a complicated disease in which damage to the eye’s optic nerve leads to progressive, irreversible vision loss. It is the second largest cause of blindness. It is not possible to cure glaucoma or restore lost vision, but disease progress ...

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