Spectrometer Electronics

The function of our spectrometer electronics is to convert the analogue video signal from the diode-array detector to a robust digital signal that can be read out over a standard interface (like USB or SPI).

We offer four options for spectrometer electronics, depending on the detector used for your specific spectrometer.Spectrometer electronics overview

  • DISB – digital image sensor board with fast SPI interface
  • VersaPic – low speed USB controller with on-board processing
  • Andor iVac camera – deeply cooled and highly sensitive
  • No electronics – if you want to build your own electronics

The table below highlights the main features of our electronics offerings and lists the detectors that are supported by the various electronics options..

ElectronicsDISBVersaPicAndor iVac
Main interfaceSPIUSBUSB
Frame rate (2048 pixels)600 Hz15 Hz
Supported detectorsS11639-01 CMOS
S11156 BT-CCD
S10420 BT-CCD
S838x NMOS
S390x CMOS
S7031 Cooled BT-CCD
Integration time controlConfigurable integration timeConfigurable integration timeConfigurable integration time
External triggerConfigurable delay
Jitter +/-10 nano sec.
Fixed delay
jitter +/- 10 micro sec.
On-board calculationsOptional overaying can be supportedYes
Block averaging
Dark correction etc.
On-board storage of calibration coefficientYesYesNo
Provided in txt-file
Temperature monitorYesNoYes
Evaluation Software
DISB Evaluation SWVersaSpecEAGLE Evaluation SW
Programming interfaceRegister R/W over SPIFirmware commands over USBN/A