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  New Spectrometer Grating and PING Grating for Telecom C-band You can now find even more stock of transmission gratings on the Ibsen Photonics website. Whether for spectroscopy, high power lasers, telecom or Fiber Bragg grating manufacturing, we have gratings available for a wide variety of applications. As the newest addition to our broad portfolio of gratings, Ibsen has developed a Polarization Independent Grating specifically for Telecom C-band with a curiously low grating resolution of 600 l/mm. We have also added two spectrometer gratings to our stock available line-up of 100% fused silica transmission gratings for spectroscopy. These new gratings

Do you speak spectrographish?


We wish to offer you the opportunity to come and speak spectrographish with Ibsen Photonics at the annual Pittcon exhibition in Atlanta from March 7th-10th. Our technical experts in Spectrometers, FBG interrogators (I-MON’s) and Spectrometer gratings will be there, giving you the perfect opportunity to speak with them directly about your photonics projects. Heidi Olson will be giving a product demonstration on Tuesday, Mar. 8th. at 10.30 a.m. in the Live Demo Area 2 (Booth 4647) on the Expo Floor. In addition, Dr. Thomas Rasmussen will be holding a press conference on Wednesday, March 9th. at 10.30 a.m. in room

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Dear Reader, We wish to offer you the opportunity to engage with Ibsen Photonics at the SPIE BiOS/Photonics West trade show in San Francisco from February 13th through 18th. Our technical experts in Spectrometers, FBG interrogators (I-MON’s), Phase Masks, Pulse Compression gratings, Telecom gratings, and Spectrometer gratings will be there, giving you the unique opportunity to speak with them directly about your photonics projects. We will be launching the EAGLE Raman-S spectrometer for integrators of high performance and low f-number Raman instruments. You can read more about our new EAGLE Raman-S here. Dr. Thomas Rasmussen will be giving a talk on “The

Transmission grating angle sensitivity


Dear Reader, In this newsletter, you can read about our new EAGLE spectrometer products, a technical note on transmission grating angle sensitivity, and also our recently launched website. Best regards, Thomas P. Rasmussen VP Sales & Marketing E-mail: [h2]EAGLE SWNIR[/h2] EAGLE is our new 822 – 978 nm high resolution spectrometer series for Raman solutions. The EAGLE platform consists of compact, robust, and high resolution spectrometers, suited for OEM integration into industrial grade Raman systems at 785 or 830 nm excitation. The spectrometer uses a transmission grating to obtain very high and polarization insensitive throughput as well as a

Spectroscopy and Grating Technology Update from Ibsen


Dear reader, In this Ibsen Photonics Newsletter we address a wealth of different applications across all our product lines. For instance, the first section on our high efficiency PING gratings addresses such wide application areas as telecom wavelength selective switching, Raman spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography, and fiber optical sensing. With one of the unique advantages of our fused silica transmission gratings being unmatched energy and power handling capabilities, this newsletter will include an update on the latest field results on this subject, which is especially relevant for users of our Phase masks and pulse compression gratings. The section on our

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