Ibsen is the industry leader in this field, as we are able to make gratings more precisely than anybody else. If you magnify our gratings to the size of a football field, the precision of our grating lines would correspond to a thin blade of grass.
Based on these transmission gratings, with the market’s highest efficiency, we offer compact OEM spectrometers. They all have a proven high throughput, verified unit-to-unit repeatability, and provide a flat spectral response.

Our decades of experience in delivering transmission gratings have taught us to master the technique to produce gratings for compact and handheld devices. This year, we have been able to make our gratings even smaller, in fact, we broke a record and produced 1237 gratings in one single wafer!

Do you want to learn more about spectrometer design with transmission gratings? Access our white paper where we present two compact spectrometer designs based on this unique grating. We also list the distinct benefits that such spectrometers have over traditional reflection grating based spectrometers.

We are confident that this paper will open your eyes to the fact that the optimum choice for your next spectroscopy platform might very well be a transmission grating based one.

New and Improved Ibsen Grating Order Calculator
We have further developed one of our most useful resources, our grating order calculator, which you can easily use for your desktop or mobile device.

The calculator allows you to analyze numerical configurations such as the diffraction angles for a given groove density, wavelength, and incidence angle. It also provides a cool 2D visual representation of your calculation.