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Ibsen Photonics releases 850 nm, high-speed interrogation monitor


Press Release - Copenhagen, Denmark – November 12th, 2010 Ibsen Photonics (, a global leader in fused silica, transmission gratings and spectrometer modules, today announced the release of the I-MON 850 Interrogation monitor for Fiber Bragg Grating sensing applications in the 850 nm wavelength range. The I-MON 850 is a natural addition to the company’s extensive portfolio of interrogation monitors in the 1310 and 1550 nm wavelength ranges. “We have seen an increasing interest in fiber sensing at 850 nm so, it is a pleasure for me that Ibsen is now able to enable sensing systems at this wavelength range

Ibsen Photonics acquired by FOSS


Press release - Copenhagen, August 23rd, 2010 Ibsen Photonics A/S and FOSS A/S today announced that FOSS has become main shareholder in Ibsen Photonics through a purchase of additional 73% Ibsen Photonics shares from existing shareholders. FOSS now owns around 85% of the shares in Ibsen. The investment reflects a growing partnership over the last years between the two companies. Kim Vejlby Hansen, Executive VP Innovation & Quality at FOSS and Chairman at Ibsen, explains: “We have worked with Ibsen for some years now and have found their spectrometer solutions to be second-to-none. This is partly based on exceptional grating

New white paper on transmission grating based spectroscopy


Ibsen has released a white paper describing the benefits of transmission grating based spectrometer designs. Click here to learn more: White Paper - The Benefits of Transmission Grating Based Spectroscopy

Ibsen Photonics enters the Spectroscopy market with the ROCK OEM spectrometer series


Press Release - Copenhagen, June 14th, 2010 For immediate release Copenhagen, Denmark – June 14th, 2010. Ibsen Photonics (, a global leader in fused silica, transmission gratings and spectrometer modules, today announced the ROCK series of industrial grade, robust OEM spectrometers for the VIS, Short-wave NIR, and NIR wavelength ranges. The ROCK spectrometers enable low-power sensing and fast spectral scans due to a high optical throughput. The special optical bench design furthermore allows for easy access to the detector. This feature enables customers to re-use their existing electronics for new equipment and thereby avoid expensive and time-consuming re-engineering. “The ease

Product release: pulse compression gratings with >94% efficiency


Product Release - Copenhagen, May 10th, 2010 Ibsen Photonics offers pulse compression gratings in 100% fused silica for high-power femtosecond laser pulse compression at 1000-1100 nm wavelengths with higher than 94% diffraction efficiency Ibsen Photonics, a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks, transmission diffraction gratings and spectrometer modules based on diffraction gratings, now offers pulse compressions with exceptionally high diffraction efficiency. Kristian Buchwald, VP - Grating Business Unit comments: "Our fused silica pulse compression gratings have been well received by customers working with high-power femtosecond applications, where laser manufacturers have been hitting the energy ceiling of grating types available prior

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