Copenhagen, Denmark – March 7th, 2011

Ibsen Photonics (, a global leader in fused silica transmission gratings and spectrometer modules, today announced the launch of the ROCK VIS-NIR and XNIR line of industrial grade, robust OEM spectrometers for the 550 – 1050 nm and 1175 – 2185 nm wavelength ranges, respectively.

The ROCK spectrometers typically enable 4 times higher optical throughput than traditional spectrometers due to a low f-number of f/2.2 and the use of Ibsen Photonics’ highly efficient transmission gratings manufactured using the company’s proprietary, high volume manufacturing process.

The ROCK VIS-NIR can be supplied with almost any detector type enabling customers to choose a spectrometer configuration that best meets their needs. The ROCK XNIR is using an InGaAs detector providing excellent sensitivity and signal to noise ratio.

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About Ibsen Photonics

Ibsen Photonics is a global leader in holographic, fused silica transmission gratings and spectrometer modules for a wide range of telecom, analytical, sensing, and laser markets.

Ibsen Photonics is a privately owned with FOSS A/S holding 85% of the shares and the rest owned by employees. The headquarters is in Farum, Denmark. For more information please visit