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2022-09-19   |   6 min read

Successful Business 2022

Ibsen Photonics has been recognized as a “Successful Business” for 2022 by Spar Nord and BDO. Known as “Succesvirksomhed” in Danish, it was established by Spar Nord – one of the largest banks in Denmark, and BDO – one of the country’s most significant consulting and auditing companies. This business award pays tribute to the leading small and medium-sized Danish companies that contribute to growth and prosperity in their local areas and the Danish economy as a whole. We at Ibsen are delighted by this award and will continue to strive to deliver quality products and services in the photonics

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2022-01-18   |   4 min read

Ibsen Photonics Launches PEBBLE NIR – Ultra Compact Spectrometer Modules for Instrument Integrators

For immediate release   Press Release – Farum, January 18, 2022 Ibsen Photonics (ibsen.com), the global leader in fused silica transmission gratings and industrial grade spectrometer modules, today announced the ultra compact PEBBLE NIR OEM spectrometer. Ibsen’s PEBBLE NIR spectrometer is an addition to the PEBBLE platform of ultra compact spectrometers with a form factor of only 23 mm x 21 mm x 8 mm, high resolution, and sensitivity, as well as environmental ruggedness. PEBBLE NIR is based on the same proven diffraction grating technology used in all other Ibsen spectrometers. This ensures that PEBBLE can be manufactured in high

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2021-12-03   |   1 min read

Our third Gazelle prize

2021 is another year of triumph for Ibsen. For the third time, we have been awarded the title "Gazelle Company" by Børsen, the leading financial newspaper in Denmark. We are proud to be recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Denmark for four years. To achieve a Gazelle prize, a company has to double its revenue in four years as well as having had positive growth in each of the four years. Read more about our the Gazelle prize here.

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2021-02-02   |   2 min read

Digital Micromirrors Reveal New Opportunities for NIR Spectroscopy

Read our latest contributed article in the February issue of Photonics Spectra about DMD based spectroscopy, written by Dr. Thomas Rasmussen. Spectrometers based on Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) technology are especially well suited for the near-infrared range due to a lower cost than most alternative technologies. DMD spectrometers can also provide advanced functions like Hadamard scanning to improve signal-to-noise ratio. In the article, he reviews how DMD-based spectrometers work and how they can be incorporated into measurement instruments for both reflection and transmission geometries. He uses Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applications in the food industry as an example. Finally, a

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2021-01-12   |   2 min read

Notice of Discontinuation

Dear valued customer, Ibsen Photonics is committed to providing innovative and reliable products and supporting them as long as possible. However, occasionally it becomes necessary to discontinue a product and offer a suitable replacement. With this letter, we want to inform you that our DISB-101S Electronics supporting the Hamamatsu S11639-01 detector and Diolan DLN-4M SPI to USB Adapter will be discontinued by the end of January 2021, and be replaced by the products described below. End of Life Date: On January 31st, 2021, the product will reach the end of its support life. After this date, Ibsen Photonics can no

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