Do you need a compact, high-performance OEM spectrometer?

Ibsen Photonics specializes in developing customized solutions to ensure optimal performance, enabling you to create a unique product. This is substantiated by 200 years of combined experience in R&D and more than six new designs annually.

Our unique transmission gratings are a core to Ibsen Photonics’s spectrometer performance. They allow light to disperse over shorter distances, leading to shorter lens focal lengths and, consequently, smaller spectrometers, less material, and lower costs.

Are you curious about exploring how you can benefit from using transmission grating spectrometers?

Proven volume production

We manufacture 10,000+ OEM spectrometers each year, and we have a proud history of collaborating closely with customers to create custom solutions. With proven volume production, our spectrometers have undergone rigorous testing and quality control measures to deliver consistent and reliable results. Designed to be robust and athermal, our spectrometers can withstand rough handling and are resistant to harsh environments that many applications demand.

Do you want to collaborate with Ibsen Photonics on your next OEM spectrometer project?

What’s on the show?

At this year’s Optatec 2024 show, our focus is to present new insights on opportunities and technological advancements in OCT, LIBS, and Raman spectroscopy. We encourage you to speak with our experts to develop a customized solution for your next spectrometer project.

You can look forward to experience:

  • Our industry-leading roll-off performance with an unmatched image quality for SD-OCT measurements in a new compact form factor.
  • A high-performance Raman spectrometer with exceptional accuracy for information-dense spectra in a compact form factor.
  • LIBS spectrometer with perfect balance between compactness and high performance.

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