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Ibsen Photonics is your partner in high volume OEM supply of spectrometers and transmission gratings with high and consistent quality.

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New SD-OCT spectrometer delivers unmatched roll-off performance and image quality

Introducing our EAGLE OCT-S-M spectrometer with industry-leading roll-off performance and unmatched image quality in a compact form factor. Designed with E2V OCTOPLUS camera, it generates a full OCT measurement at a framerate of up to 250 kHz to optimize workflow. Its configurable central wavelength and 90 nm bandwidth allows for design versatility and optimal accuracy.

Remarkably compact Raman HR spectrometer for faster, more precise Raman measurements

Our high-performance Raman HR spectrometer offers exceptional accuracy for information-dense spectra within a remarkably compact design. Utilizing multiple 2048 pixel detectors, this spectrometer ensures high data density while leveraging optimal detector performance. With support for both 532 nm and 785 nm lasers, it guarantees an optimal wavelength range for diverse applications.

LIBS spectrometer with perfect balance between compactness and performance

Ibsen’s spectrometers offer precise timing control and fast read-outs for LIBS analysis. Our spectrometers have a perfect balance between compactness and performance. One such example is the FREEDOM C-UV spectrometer, which provides a 0.15 nm resolution from 190 – 435 nm. The FREEDOM C-UV is equipped with the DISB-101T electronic, enabling timing control and precise synchronization with less than +/-10 nanosecond jitter.

Are you planning to attend Optatec 2024?

Join us at Optatec 2024 to explore new opportunities and technological advancements in SD-OCT, LIBS, and Raman spectroscopy. Visit the Ibsen Photonics booth to discover our latest products tailored for these specific applications. we encourage you to engage with our experts to develop a customized solution for your next spectrometer project.

Event Details:
May 14–16 / Hall 3.1 – Booth 324
Messe Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany

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By combining unique optical design capabilities with superior transmission grating technology, Ibsen Photonics supplies compact, OEM spectrometer modules for applications such as UV, VIS, NIR, Raman, OCT, and fiber sensing.

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