Spectrometer grating for 190 – 850 nm

Fused silica transmission grating technology enables high resolution, high efficiency gratings that are ideal for compact spectrometers.

Features and benefits

  • Lithographic or holographic stepper patterning technology combines the highest quality of patterning with the reproducibility and cost level of replicated gratings

  • 100% Fused silica gratings provide unbeatable temperature stability, environmental tolerance and power damage threshold – also in the UV

  • Grating resolutions up to ~3000 l/mm

  • High diffraction efficiency with high dispersion

  • Low polarization dependence (PDL) over broad spectral ranges

  • Combined wavelength dispersion and folding elements

  • Multiple prototyping, small and high volume production technologies

  • Class 10 cleanroom production ensures low noise and high cleanliness – as well as a controlled environment for our metrology capabilities

  • Extensive grating metrology including proprietary period measurement systems, a versatile diffraction efficiency measurement system, a high resolution defect inspection system as well as AFM/SEM ensuring that agreed upon specifications are fulfilled

Parameter Specification
Grating technologySurface relief, Etched transmission gratings
Grating resolution1250 lines / mm
Illumination wavelength range190 nm - 850 nm
Angle of incidence26.7 degrees
MaterialFused silica and high-power, dielectric AR coating materials
Chip size5 mm x 8 mm
Grating area4 mm x 4 mm
Chip thickness 0.625 mm

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