To cool or not to cool?


When you are considering to buy a new spectrometer, you may have to decide whether you need one with a cooled detector or not. A cooled detector can provide low noise but is also bulky and expensive. We have put together a technical note with some practical guidelines on when to cool and when not to cool.

One of the applications where cooling is often required is in Raman spectroscopy. In this newsletter, we are highlighting our high throughput, compact EAGLE SW-NIR spectrometer which is well suited for Raman and comes both with a cooled and a non-cooled detector.

If you want to build your own spectrometer, we have recently extended our range of spectrometer gratings with more UV, VIS, NIR, and even broadband transmission gratings.


Cooling CCD detectors for spectroscopy

The main reason for selecting a cooled detector is to reduce the dark current and noise


How do you know if your spectrometer needs a cooled detector? The main reason for selecting a cooled detector is to reduce the dark current and noise when you have long measurement times. Please, see more details in our technical note.

The effect of cooling CCD detectors


EAGLE SW-NIR compact spectrometer for Raman

EAGLE SWNIR can be supplied with or without a cooled detector

The EAGLE platform consists of compact, robust, and high performing spectrometers suited for OEM integration into industrial grade Raman systems for 785 nm or 830 nm laser excitation. It combines robustness with high performance and flexibility in choice of detector system. Due to its robustness and thermally stable operation, the EAGLE SWNIR spectrometer is particularly well suited for integration into industrial process control instruments.

The spectrometer provides the highest possible efficiency due to the use of Ibsen Photonics’ in-house produced wide bandwidth transmission gratings. Optical resolution can be as good as 4 cm-1 and the wavelength range of 822 – 978 nm enables 200 – 1700 cm-1 or 600 -2500 cm-1 Raman ranges. EAGLE SWNIR supports both cooled and un-cooled BT detectors.

Information about the EAGLE SWNIR spectrometer platform


Four new spectrometer gratings for purchase online

Spectrometer gratings on a waferContinuing the launch of the new Pulse Compression Gratings earlier this month, we will now introduce four new spectrometer gratings that have been added to our stock. The gratings fall into the following groups:

Ibsen Fused Silica Transmission Gratings enable high resolution, high diffraction efficiency gratings that are ideal for compact spectrometers. Our production utilizes proprietary, cost-effective Holostepper technology, allowing the manufacturing of holographic, 100% fused silica Master gratings at prices previously only possible for replicas.

Information about all of our Spectrometer Gratings