Ibsen offers a variant of the FREEDOM family of compact and high resolution spectrometers, the HR-DUV FHW-380, to complement the current HR-UV, HR-VIS, and HR-VIS-NIR. This deep UV spectrometer covers a wavelength range of 178 – 409 nm and a resolution of 0.3 nm. This feature set makes the HR-DUV ideal for integration into Industrial Laser Induced Breakdown spectroscopy instruments.


FREEDOM HR-DUV uses an innovative transmission grating, developed and manufacturedFREEDOM HR-DUV by Ibsen Photonics. In contrast to typical blazed gratings, this new grating provides high and nearly constant diffraction efficiency over the entire 178 – 409 nm range for both polarizations. Furthermore, the small size, athermal performance, and robustness make the HR-DUV spectrometer ideal for applications like handheld and portable Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) instruments.

The key benefits of the new FREEDOM HR-DUV are: a deep UV range from 178 – 409 nm, high resolution down to 0.3 nm, compact size, fitting for purging with inert gas and OEM integration friendly design that allows easy adaptation to own electronics and detector.


[callout font_size=”14px” style=”coffee”]“With the introduction of the deep UV spectrometer, we are taking full advantages of the UV-transparency and high efficiency of our fused Silica transmission gratings”, says Thomas Rasmussen, VP of Sales and Marketing, and adds “No other grating technology can achieve this high and broadband efficiency”.[/callout]

[h3]Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy[/h3]

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is an extremely versatile spectroscopic technique which can be used to analyze the atomic composition of virtually any material. In a LIBS system, a short laser pulse is used to ablate material from the surface of a sample. The laser pulse energy will be high enough to create bright plasma on the surface of the sample.

Ibsen has several OEM spectrometer platforms which are well suited for integration into your LIBS analysis system, one of them being the FREEDOM HR-DUV. Our transmission grating based spectrometers are ideally suited for LIBS spectroscopy because the grating is highly efficient across a wide wavelength range. This enables us to make spectrometers with a high throughput which are ideal for low light applications, which LIBS often is.

A further benefit to LIBS applications is the accurate and configurable timing control and fast read-outs of our spectrometers. A fast read-out is essential in order to achieve high repetition rates, allowing our spectrometers to reach up to 600 Hz for 2048 pixels, with integration time and trigger delay controlled in steps of 200, with a jitter of only ±10 nanoseconds.

If you need a better resolution than what can be achieved with our standard solutions, you are interested in another wavelength range, or if none of the examples fit your specific needs for other reasons, we can always discuss a customized spectrometer to match your requirements.


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