Spectrometer designer
  • Spectrometer Designer
  • This calculates slit width, focal length, diffraction angles, and required grating size based on your entered wavelength range, resolution, grating groove density, detector size, and numerical aperture.

  • Raman Waveshift Calculator
  • This calculator converts the Raman range and resolution from cm-1 to wavelength in nm.

  • NA to f-number Converter
  • This calculator converts both Numerical Aperture to f-number and the other way around.

    Grating equation calculator

  • Grating Equation Calculator
  • This calculator gives you the diffraction angles of the first four orders (plus and minus) for a given groove density and wavelength.

  • Pulse Compression Calculator
  • This calculator helps you design your grating pulse compressor by calculating GDD and TOD based on the compressor design.

  • Pulse front tilt calculator
  • This calculator enables you to calculate the grating configuration needed to generate a required pulse front tilt, for example for THz generation.

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The above calculators can easily be saved to your home Screen on your iOS and Android mobile device and thereby used offline.