In celebration of the Day of Photonics, we will highlight a few insights into the significant contributions our spectrometers have made in industries spanning life science, agriculture, manufacturing, lighting, and many more.

Specifically, we will explain how our ROCK spectrometers can enhance your productivity with faster in-line process analysis to e.g. help you grade your food faster.

In addition, we want to invite you to hear a presentation about how our compact spectrometers are suitable for blood analysis.

What Ibsen Spectrometers Can Do for Food Quality Inspections?

With spectrometers, you can maximize the value of your fruits. Imagine that you can sell each fruit for 10 cents more by guaranteeing a higher quality. On the fruit inspection line, spectrometers are utilized to efficiently detect foreign materials as well as sort them based on their quality.

Our ROCK spectrometers deliver 10-20 times higher sensitivity compared to similar-sized spectrometers and improve the identification and accuracy of the fruit sorting process. By combining our transmission grating and innovative spectrometer design, you can examine thousands of fruits in a second and instantly grade them.

To eliminate extra costs for specialized equipment, the spectrometers are designed to achieve optimal spectrometer performance when combined with industry-standard optical components.

Compact Spectrometers for Blood Analysis

Our customized spectrometer solutions are enabling world-leading instrument manufacturers of blood analysis instruments to better measure the concentration of biomarkers.

The high sensitivity of our UV, VIS and VIS-NIR spectrometers can open up instrument opportunities in new markets due to the detection of lower concentration levels.

On October 25, Heidi Olson, one of our Senior Business Development Managers, will give a presentation about our solutions for blood analysis. Join to get some insights into how you can expand your market in both home and clinical applications.

The presentation is hosted by Photonics Spectra.