Over the past three decades, Ibsen Photonics has collaborated with many customers across the entire photonics industry. We specialize in tailormade compact, cost-efficient, and high performance spectrometers. We build long-term relationships with our customers through effective communication, clear expectations, and transparency.

CEO of Admesy, Steven Goetstouwers, commented that ”One of the things we really appreciated about Ibsen is they stuck with us, they kept helping us, they kept advising us on what to build and how to integrate. They really shared a long-term vision of the customer-supplier relationship.”

Based on our FREEDOM platform, we provided Admesy with a customized solution: “The advantage of working with Ibsen, for us, was that they are also willing to fine-tune the spectrometer bench to your needs. So, we started off with a standard one, we added some filters, we switched the sensors a couple of times. They really worked with us to get to a perfect solution.”, concludes Steven.

How to Integrate a Spectrometer?
Based on years of experience working closely with customers, like Admesy, we have put together an e-book “The Ultimate Guide to Spectrometer Integration” to address some of the most common challenges.

Spectroscopy is, indeed, a multi-disciplinary area that involves chemistry, physics, mechanics, optics, mathematics, software, and electronics. Our e-book will help you understand the complex nature of spectrometer integration.

The first few chapters, in this all-inclusive guide, will introduce you to the basic concepts of spectroscopy, and describe the options you should consider for the light source. The next part will help you choose the right spectrometer based on your requirements in terms of wavelength range, resolution, frame rate, etc. Lastly, there is an entire section about how to couple light into your spectrometer.

We hope that this guide will be very informative and helpful.