Ibsen is introducing a new spectrometer platform specifically targeted Optical Coherence Tomography. From this platform, Ibsen has just launched an 840 nm highly efficient new EAGLE OCT-S spectrometer with best in class optical throughput and compact size for Spectral Domain OCT.Spectral Domain OCT spectrometer

https://ibsen.com/products/oem-spectrometers/eagle/ comprises high resolution, compact, and robust spectrometers, suited for OEM integration into medical and industrial-grade instruments for applications like Raman and SD-OCT.

The new EAGLE OCT-S EOS-121 spectrometer is very compact due to the use of Ibsen Photonics’ in-house produced wide bandwidth transmission gratings. These unique gratings furthermore enable us to offer higher efficiency than any competing technology.

The wavelength range of the standard EOS-121 version is 800 – 890 nm but can be customized to other ranges. EAGLE OCT-S is supplied with Teledyne E2V OctoPlus camera with 2048 tall pixels.

Optical Coherence Tomography

Spectral Domain OCT setupAn Optical Coherence Tomography system uses low coherence interference to measure reflectance versus distance into a material. Light from a semi-broadband source (like a Superluminescent LED) is split into a reference arm (with a fixed mirror) and a sample arm (towards the material to be scanned). The reflected beams from the reference and sample arms are recombined and input to a spectrometer that records the interference pattern vs. wavelength. The intensity of fringes in the interference pattern is directly related to the depth into the sample material through the Fourier Transform.

eXtreme Efficiency Spectrometer Gratings

High efficiency gratings for Raman, OCT or other high efficiency spectrometer instrumentsXE spectrometer gratings are transmission gratings intended for instrument makers that build Raman, OCT, or other high-efficiency spectrometer instruments.

Ibsen’s gratings are manufactured with lithographic or holographic techniques and etched into fused silica substrates. The technique enables Ibsen to offer higher efficiency over a wider band than any other grating technology.

The 840 nm band gratings used for our new SD-OCT spectrometer ensure high diffraction efficiency (over 85 %) and low polarization dependence over the entire bandwidth.