High Optical Throughput

The EAGLE OCT-S is a robust, athermal, compact, and high throughput spectrometer especially well-suited for Spectral Domain OCT.

Key benefits:

  • High optical throughput

  • Compact size

  • Robust and athermal design

  • Customizable for multiple wavelength ranges (and cameras)

  • OEM integration-friendly design

Key features:

  • 800 nm to 890 nm wavelength range

  • Resolution: 0.05 nm (typical)

  • 2048 tall pixel camera with 10 x 200 µm pixel size

  • Frame rate 80 kHz (optional 130 kHz)

  • High efficiency, transmission grating based design

  • OCT spectrometer
  • OCT spectrometer
  • OCT spectrometer
  • OCT spectrometer
  • OCT spectrometer
ProductWavelength rangeDetectorBenefit
EOS-121800-890 nmTeledyne E2V OctoPlus CameraSupports fast line scan and tall pixels

Download Product Sheets:

EAGLE OCT-S 800 – 890 nm

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Content is on its way

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