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Developing high resolution OCT systems to diagnose glaucoma


Ibsen Photonics is participating in a EU Horizon 2020 project, GALAHAD, aimed at developing high resolution OCT for glaucoma diagnosis. GALAHAD stands for Glaucoma-Advanced, Label-Free High Resolution Automated OCT Diagnosis, and the project was initiated in December 2016. Ocular damage caused by glaucoma Glaucoma is a complicated disease in which damage to the eye’s optic nerve leads to progressive, irreversible vision loss. It is the second largest cause of blindness. It is not possible to cure glaucoma or restore lost vision, but disease progress can be halted with current methods, hence it is important to diagnose as early as possible.

Ibsen Innovations of 2016


[hr] Dear Reader, Christmas is here, and at Ibsen we look back at a great year, where we celebrated our 25 year anniversary. In 2016, we introduced several new innovative products such as our highly sensitive spectrometer for Raman applications - the EAGLE Raman-S. We also developed our own line of spectrometer electronics (DISB) offering fast and accurate timing. On the grating side, we released a number of new gratings for pulse stretching/compression as well as spectroscopy, while shipping 40% more gratings to customers than in 2015. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, suppliers

How Do you Select the Best Spectrometer?


  Spectrometers are an essential part of many analytical instruments. Selecting the right spectrometer for your specific application is, however, not a simple task. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" spectrometer. So, you have to select the best option based on the relative importance of size, cost, sensitivity, speed and a lot of other parameters. To help you in this selection process, we have collected a range of useful guides in this e-mail. We hope you will find it helpful and we are always happy to receive feedback such that we can make these guides even better.

Ibsen launches fast spectrometer electronics with accurate triggering function


For immediate release Press Release, Farum, September 22, 2016 Ibsen Photonics (, the global leader in fused silica transmission gratings and industrial grade spectrometer modules, today announced the new line of OEM electronics for their spectrometers - called DISB. Digital Image Sensor Board from Ibsen DISB comes with a SPI interface, which makes it ideal for fast and easy integration into your instrument. It offers fast read out – up to 550 Hz for 2048 pixels - and accurate timing control in 200 nanosecond steps with only 10 nanosecond jitter. “The DISB electronics, in combination with Ibsen’s FREEDOM HR spectrometers, is a

FREEDOM at Antarctica


Dear Reader, You get freedom in your design, when you choose our FREEDOM spectrometer. FREEDOM provides many different configurations and detector options and it allows the flexibility to use your own electronics or to go with our plug-and-play electronics. In addition, it is so small that it fits almost any size constraints. In this newsletter, we are highlighting our popular FREEDOM HR-VIS-NIR mini Raman spectrometer! And, we believe your future Raman projects could benefit from an Ibsen FREEDOM HR-VIS-NIR spectrometer. This FREEDOM actually went to Lake Untersee, Antarctica, with University of Innsbruck, where Klemens Weisleitner captured this exciting image of the spectrometer in action. Click here and

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