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2020-06-09   |   1 min read

Develop Your Own Application Software

If you want to develop your own application software, we offer a command based software development kit for most of our spectrometers. When deciding to develop your own software, you need to consider that the specific command structure depends on the spectrometer that you have. Here you can find software programming examples when your spectrometer is equipped with a Diolan SPI-USB adapter DISB-USB Bridge electronics, and VersaPic electronics Whether you are developing your own software or use the Ibsen Evaluation Software for Windows, please do not hesitate to contact us at inquiry@ibsen.com.

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2020-05-11   |   3 min read

Learn About Fluorescence Spectroscopy

  We have quite a bit of information on our website about Fluorescence Spectroscopy. So if you want to know more about this application, you can dive into the following material. The fluorescence instrumentation guide will provide some high level guidelines for how to choose the right components for your fluorescence spectroscopy instrument. You can find examples of different fluorescence spectra measured using our PEBBLE VIS full spectrum spectrometer. Each fluorescence spectrum corresponds to a particular fluorophore. How to build a fluorometer describes the key components that go into building a fluorometer such as a light source, optical filters, and

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2020-04-07   |   2 min read

We are a proud member of EPIC!

  We are officially a corporate member of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), the industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organizations working in the field of photonics in Europe. Together with other members from the photonics related technologies, we at Ibsen Photonics are committed to actively contribute to the technological and commercial advancement of the photonics industry in Europe. For more information about EPIC, read here.

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2020-03-27   |   4 min read

Statement on Covid-19, Farum 2020

These are special times. With this statement we would like to update you on the current status at Ibsen Photonics. At Ibsen Photonics the safety of our employees and our surrounding society is our top priority. We have taken extensive measures to reduce the risk of spreading the Corona virus, including a stop for traveling, external meetings, reinforcement of hand hygiene, and restrictions on person-to-person proximity. We have also asked everyone, who is able to work from home, to do so. For the time being, our manufacturing is running at full speed, materials are coming in as planned, and we

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2020-03-18   |   4 min read

Check out our Fluorescence Spectroscopy Tutorial Videos

  There are different types of spectroscopy methods that you can use, and it can be difficult to choose for a given application. However, when you are dealing with biological material such as analyzing plants, human and animal tissue or perhaps DNA, fluorescence spectroscopy is a good choice for you. Learn more about fluorescence spectroscopy by watching our series of tutorial videos by Dr. Thomas Rasmussen. In this series of tutorial videos, Dr. Thomas Rasmussen will talk about the basic principles of Fluorescence spectroscopy, common fluorophores & Instrumentation, typical applications, fluorescence resonance energy transfer known as FRET and more. So

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