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Do you know how to choose a spectrometer?


  In this blog post we would like to take the opportunity to make you aware of our technical note that can help you choose a spectrometer. [h3]How to choose a spectrometer[/h3]   The basic parameters you need to know before choosing a suitable spectrometer are wavelength range and resolution. But, even though you know your wavelength range and resolution there are still a lot of possible spectrometer design options. Your final choice of spectrometer will depend on the importance of parameters such as overall size, cost, speed, sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range, linearity, thermal stability and robustness. In our technical note, you can

FREEDOM Spectrometers offer CMOS alternative to obsolete Sony CCD


We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of the FREEDOM 101 series of spectrometers as an alternative to spectrometers using the obsolete Sony CCD. The CMOS line array used in our FREEDOM 101 series has roughly the same cost, sensitivity, and noise performance as the Sony CCD option. You can find more details in the technical note that highlights the results of comparative measurements we performed with the two detectors: [button url="" target="_blank" size="small" style="fire" icon="" popup="" title="Read more here"]Comparison of SONY ILX511B and Hamamatsu S11639[/button]   FREEDOM 101 series    Ultra compact High resolution Wide

More FREEDOM for Your Spectroscopy


The HR platform consists of FREEDOM HR-UV, HR-VIS, and HR-VIS-NIR for high resolution down to 0.2 nm in the UV, 0.4 nm in the VIS and 0.6 nm in the VIS-NIR. The size of the spectrometers is only 61 x 64 x 19 mm. The FREEDOM HR series offers the perfect balance between compact size and high performance in your instrument design due to the use of Ibsen Photonics unique transmission grating technology. The spectrometers are robust and almost athermal and can operate under demanding environmental conditions. The FREEDOM spectrometer platforms are intended for integrators of compact instruments, where performance

Transmission grating angle sensitivity


Dear Reader, In this newsletter, you can read about our new EAGLE spectrometer products, a technical note on transmission grating angle sensitivity, and also our recently launched website. Best regards, Thomas P. Rasmussen VP Sales & Marketing E-mail: [h2]EAGLE SWNIR[/h2] EAGLE is our new 822 – 978 nm high resolution spectrometer series for Raman solutions. The EAGLE platform consists of compact, robust, and high resolution spectrometers, suited for OEM integration into industrial grade Raman systems at 785 or 830 nm excitation. The spectrometer uses a transmission grating to obtain very high and polarization insensitive throughput as well as a

Ibsen awarded green Smiley by the WEA


The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) has on October 24, 2013, awarded Ibsen Photonics a green Smiley, and thereby concluding that the company's working environment is in full compliance with all Danish legislation. Ibsen Photonics will therefore have a green Smiley for the next 4 years, provided no new unresolved issues with the WEA. The green Smiley signals to the world that Ibsen Photonics has a safe and sound working place. The Smileys are published on the Working Environment Authority’s website and allow the general public to see how an enterprise is doing in terms of health and safety. There are three Smileys

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