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This is your chance to get free advice!

2016-01-13   |   3 min read

Dear Reader, We wish to offer you the opportunity to engage with Ibsen Photonics at the SPIE BiOS/Photonics West trade show in San Francisco from February 13th through 18th. Our technical experts in Spectrometers, FBG interrogators (I-MON’s), Phase Masks, Pulse Compression gratings, Telecom gratings, and Spectrometer gratings will be there, giving you the unique opportunity to speak with them directly about your photonics projects. We will be launching the EAGLE Raman-S spectrometer for integrators of high performance and low f-number Raman instruments. You can read more about our new EAGLE Raman-S here. Dr. Thomas Rasmussen will be giving a talk on “The

To cool or not to cool?

2015-11-30   |   5 min read

  When you are considering to buy a new spectrometer, you may have to decide whether you need one with a cooled detector or not. A cooled detector can provide low noise but is also bulky and expensive. We have put together a technical note with some practical guidelines on when to cool and when not to cool. One of the applications where cooling is often required is in Raman spectroscopy. In this newsletter, we are highlighting our high throughput, compact EAGLE SW-NIR spectrometer which is well suited for Raman and comes both with a cooled and a non-cooled detector.

Notice of Discontinuation

2015-11-19   |   1 min read

[h3]Product Discontinuation/End of Support Life Notice[/h3] Dear valued customer, Ibsen Photonics is committed to providing innovative and reliable products, and supporting them as long as possible. However, it occasionally becomes necessary to discontinue a product and offer a suitable replacement. With this letter we want to inform you that our I-MON 80D will be discontinued by the end of March 2016. Last Time Order Date: On April 1st 2016, the I-MON 80D will be discontinued and orders no longer accepted. End of Life Date: On April 1st 2016, the product will reach the end of its support life. After this

Meet our Deep UV Spectrometer

2015-09-23   |   3 min read

  Ibsen offers a variant of the FREEDOM family of compact and high resolution spectrometers, the HR-DUV FHW-380, to complement the current HR-UV, HR-VIS, and HR-VIS-NIR. This deep UV spectrometer covers a wavelength range of 178 - 409 nm and a resolution of 0.3 nm. This feature set makes the HR-DUV ideal for integration into Industrial Laser Induced Breakdown spectroscopy instruments. [h3]FREEDOM HR-DUV[/h3] FREEDOM HR-DUV uses an innovative transmission grating, developed and manufactured by Ibsen Photonics. In contrast to typical blazed gratings, this new grating provides high and nearly constant diffraction efficiency over the entire 178 – 409 nm range for both

ROCK and roll your XNIR

2015-08-13   |   2 min read

  The ROCK XNIR spectrometers from Ibsen offer 2-6 times higher sensitivity than competing technologies for near infrared spectroscopy and are ideal for process control applications due to their compact size and ruggedness. So, maybe your cookie dough ingredients have been tested by an Ibsen ROCK XNIR spectrometer. The enabling technology for the high performance is our unique transmission gratings. You can read much more about the benefits of transmission grating based spectroscopy in our white paper. [h3] ROCK XNIR[/h3] Our ROCK XNIR is based on our ROCK platform of industrial grade, pre-configured OEM spectrometers that provide high throughput, flexibility in detector choice

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