Focus on UV-detectors for HPLC


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In this newsletter we are focusing on the analytical chemistry technique, High Pressure Liquid chromatography (HPLC).

90-95% of all HPLC systems use a UV-detector to measure what comes out of the column. Ibsen’s diode array detector is a very fast and versatile option for the UV-detector.

You can find more information about the different spectrometer applications on our website, and as always, you can contact us for more information. You can also meet our grating and spectrometer experts at different exhibitions and conferences around the world.

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High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

High pressesure liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a technique that separates material in a chemical sample so that each component can be measured and quantified. The sample material is analyzed by pumping a liquid phase (solvent) mixed with the sample through a column packed with a solid phase material. Each component in the material responds differently to the absorbent material, causing the constituents of the sample material to separate and come out of the column at different times. Out comes first the material that binds well to the liquid phase, and lastly the material that binds well to the solid phase.

HPLC Process illustration

HPLC is used for either purification or measurements detecting the presence of various constituents in a sample. As an example, it can be used in the pharma industry, where HPLC is very useful for measuring the level of active drug in a given material.

Close to 90% of all HPLC systems use a UV-dector to measure the concentration through absorbance spectroscopy. Ibsen offer spectrometers with a Diode-Array-Detector (DAD), which is the fastest and most versatile form of UV-detector.

FREEDOM as your UV-detector

A number of our spectrometers are very well suited as a diode array UV-detector for HPLC due to the following distinct benefits:

  • Fast scans due to high throughput transmission gratings – especially in the UV and NIR
  • Compact size due to our innovative high dispersion gratings
  • Ruggedness for portability and field usage
  • Low temperature dependence
Here we would like to focus on our FREEDOM UV-VIS spectrometer, which offers a compact and cost-efficient spectrometer module for OEM manufacturers of analytical instruments that do not want to sacrifice performance and robustness for compactness.

UV-NIR spectrometerFREEDOM UV-VIS is built on an innovative new type of transmission grating developed by Ibsen Photonics that provides high diffraction efficiency for both polarizations from 190 to 850 nm.

Furthermore, the FREEDOM UV-VIS spectrometers support many different detector systems which enable you to choose the best detector option for your specific application. FREEDOM even allows you to re-use already developed electronics and software for your favorite detector type.

For more information on our spectrometers, please find documentation, white papers, technical notes and forms to request a quotation on our website. For face-to-face time with our experts, please visit us at exhibitions around the world.


Ibsen at Exhibitions in Oct 2017