Dear Reader,

With this I-MON newsletter I want to make you aware of our new I-MON 256 High Speed Interrogation Monitor for Fiber Bragg sensing systems. Ibsen Photonics will be exhibiting at the SPIE Photonics West show in San Fransisco at booth 734 from January 24th through 26th where I will be present and ready to discuss this new product with you.

Best regards, Bjarke Rose, VP Spectrometers

[h2]I-MON 256 HS Interrogation Monitor[/h2]

Compact, High speed, wavelength monitor for 1550 nm

The I-MON 256 High Speed interrogation Monitor offers real-time spectrum monitoring of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors in the full 1525 – 1570 nm wavelength range at line scan rates up to 17 kHz. High spectrometer resolution combined with broad wavelength range provides interrogation monitors allowing measurements of a large number of FBG sensors. A GigE interface and data acquisition software are providing easy set-up with a PC, and the I-MON can act as a stand-alone monitor in combination with customer selected light sources. An external trig input enables exact timing of your measurements.