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Spectroscopy and Grating Technology Update from Ibsen


Dear reader, In this Ibsen Photonics Newsletter we address a wealth of different applications across all our product lines. For instance, the first section on our high efficiency PING gratings addresses such wide application areas as telecom wavelength selective switching, Raman spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography, and fiber optical sensing. With one of the unique advantages of our fused silica transmission gratings being unmatched energy and power handling capabilities, this newsletter will include an update on the latest field results on this subject, which is especially relevant for users of our Phase masks and pulse compression gratings. The section on our

Ibsen Photonics releases a 1310 nm version of PING gratings


Press Release - Copenhagen, September 11th, 2008 Ibsen Photonics has released a 1310 nm version of its PING (polarization independent) telecom gratings Ibsen Photonics, a leading supplier of holographic Phase masks, fused silica transmission gratings and optical spectrometer modules based on transmission gratings, today announced it's release of a new 1310 nm band version of it's PING gratings (Polarization Independent telecom gratings.) PING-1310 gratings will be produced on an OEM basis to specific customer requirements, but with standard specifications PING-1310 gratings offer >90% diffraction efficiency, <0.25 dB PDL and <0.25 dB WDL - just as the 1550 nm band PING