Examples of Raman spectra

On this page you can find examples of Raman spectra obtained with Ibsen Photonics spectrometers.

PDMS spectrum with FREEDOM HR-VIS and 532 nm laser by Mark Pollard at DFM A/S (Danish National Metrology Institute)


The graph shows the spontaneous Raman spectrum for polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The sample was a solid slab about 5 mm thick.  The spectrum was taken using a green laser (532 nm) coupled into a Raman optical probe that gave an incident power of 4 mW at the sample.  The Raman probe output fiber was connected to FREEDOM HR-VIS (FHV-308) spectrometer and the spectrometer integration time was set to 10 seconds.  The spectrum shows the Stokes shifted light and has had a background subtracted (so there some negative values near the origin due to the response of a filter). The measurements were done by Mark Pollard at DFM A/S (Danish National Metrology Institute).

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