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Ibsen Photonics spectrometer and grating technology are ideally suited for Spectral Domain-Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT) systems due to the following distinct benefits:

  • High efficiency (optical throughput) for both polarizations due to high efficiency transmission gratings

  • Compact size

  • Robust and athermal design

  • Customizable for multiple wavelength ranges

  • OEM integration friendly design

Product options

Ibsen offers the EAGLE OCT-S spectrometer which is very well suited for SD-OCT. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in designing and volume manufacturing customized spectrometers.

EAGLE OCT spectrometer

Smaller footprint and good roll-off

Building our spectrometers around our high dispersion transmission gratings enables us to build OCT spectrometers with a small footprint. The key leveraging capabilities that the transmission gratings give us are high diffraction efficiency over a wide bandwidth of 90 nm and a high MTF as a function of spatial frequency, better known as good roll-off.

Which spectrometer to use?

Do you need to evaluate a spectrometer for your next project?
We understand that it can be hard to judge the performance of a spectrometer just from the data sheet. Therefore, we offer a time limited loan of a demo unit to customers that meet certain criteria.

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