Andor iVac316 deeply cooled CCD camera

The iVac-316 is a camera especially well suited for Raman spectroscopy with very weak signals requiring long integration time. The low noise is obtained due to a deep cooling of the detector chip to -60oC. Here you can find more information about the iVac-316 series, and see which of Ibsen’s spectrometers uses this camera.

Key features
  • High sensitivity in the SW-NIR range
  • Deep cooling for long integration time

Find more information about the specific detector on the supplier’s website.

Coolingto -60oC
Number of pixels2000 x 256
Pixel width15 microns
Pixel height15 microns
Min. integration timeNA
Signal-to-Noise ratioNA
Dynamic rangeNA

Spectrometers using this detector

EAGLE Raman-S, ENS-316C, 800 - 1100 nmEAGLE

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