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PING – polarization independent gratings

100% dielectric gratings offer unbeatable environmental and thermal stability combined with high-efficiency, low PDL performance.


  • High efficiency, low PDL, broad spectral bandwidth

  • Transmission gratings give great alignment tolerances

  • Low transmitted wavefront distortion

  • High tolerance to illumination angle of incidence

  • 2-grating designs are possible, offering compact design possibilities

  • Unbeatable thermal & environmental stability & lifetime


  • Wavelength Selective Switches (WSS) / ROADMS

  • Tunable filters

  • Optical channel monitors (OCM)

  • Wavelength blockers

  • Mux / Demux


  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

Product overview

While we primarily supply PING gratings as OEM gratings, the following gratings, and many other gratings, are available from stock. You can order the gratings via the product links, or request a quotion for these or other customized gratings below.


Polarization Independent Gratings

Polarization independent (PING) telecom gratings from Ibsen are produced by holographic stepper technology in 100% dielectric materials. This leads to unbeatable thermal and environmental stability, with no polymers, epoxies, gelatins, or metals in the optical path nor in the grating whatsoever. Advanced etching technology ensures the highest diffraction efficiency and lowest PDL over a very broad bandwidth. Low angular sensitivity is an added bonus for module design and assembly.

GratingResolutionAOIGrating areaChip sizeDE (*)PDL
PING-Sample-003940 l/mm
19 mm x 13.5 mm21 mm x 15 mm>90%<0.25 dB
PING-Sample-001966.2 l/mm49.9°8 mm x 4 mm9 mm x 8 mm>90%<0.25 dB
6.5 mm x 5 mm7.5 mm x 7 mm>90%<0.25 dB
12 mm x 3 mm15.5 mm x 3.5 mm>90%<0.25 dB
10.2 mm x 4.0 mm11.2 mm x 8.0 mm>90% (**)<0.25 dB
14.5 mm x 8 mm16 mm x 10 mm>90%<0.25 dB
14.5 mm x 8 mm16 mm x 10 mm>92%<0.25 dB
14.5 mm x 8 mm16 mm x 10 mm>94%<0.25 dB
PING-Sample-14245°15 mm x 9 mm16 mm x 10 mm≥94%≤ 0.3 dB
14 mm x 11.5 mm16 mm x 13.5 mm>90%<0.25 dB
PING-Sample-0831000 l/mm
19 mm x 13.5 mm21 mm x 15 mm>90%<0.25 dB
PING-1000-0421000 l/mm
40 mm x 37 mm43.6 mm x 38 mm>90%<0.25 dB
PING-600-052600 l/mm
41 mm x 41mm42 mm x 42 mm>90%<0.25 dB
Grating Resolution AOIGrating area Chip sizeDE (*) PDL
PING-Sample-072 940 l/mm 48.5° 14 mm x 11.5 mm 16 mm x 13.5 mm>90%<0.25 dB
PING-Sample-073 940 l/mm 48.5° 19 mm x 13.5 mm21 mm x 15 mm >90% <0.25 dB
GratingResolutionAOIGrating areaChip sizeDE (*)PDL
PING-Sample-1061144.16 l/mm49.9°14 mm x 11.5 mm16 mm x 13.5 mm>90%<0.25 dB
GratingResolutionAOIGrating areaChip sizeDE (*)PDL
PING-1379-4221379 l/mm45°20 mm x 15 mm22 mm x 17 mm>94%<0.25 dB
GratingResolutionAOIGrating areaChip sizeBandwidthDE (*)
PING-1500_915-9801500 l/mm45°18 mm x 12 mm20 mm x 14 mm915 nm - 980 nm>90%
GratingResolutionAOIGrating areaChip sizeBandwidthDE (*)PDL
PING-Sample-0121764.7 l/mm49.9°10.2 mm x 5.2 mm11.2 mm x 10.2 mm826 nm - 873 nm>85%<0.25 dB
PING-1765-0251765 l/mm49.9°25 mm x 16 mm29.5 mm x 20 mm795 nm - 885 nm>80%<0.25 dB

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