PING L-band telecom grating

Main characteristics:

  • Fused silica transmission gratings
  • Production technology: Holostepper (Holographic stepper) and RIE etching
  • L-band is defined as 1570 nm – 1610 nm (but can be OEM customized)
  • 100% dielectric materials – No polymers, epoxies, gelatins or metals
  • Grating chip thickness: 0.625 mm
  • Maximum operating temperature at least 500° C
  • Packaging: Packed in semiconductor grade Gelpak containers, sealed in class 10 cleanroom
Grating technologySurface relief, etched transmission gratings
Production technologyHolographic/lithographic stepper and RIE etching
Grating resolution940 l/mm
Illumination bandwidth1570 nm - 1610 nm
Angle of incidence48.5 deg (nominal - see plot below which shows great AOI tolerance)
Diffraction efficiency (TE & TM)> 90%
PDL< 0.25 dB
Materials100% dielectric materials
Grating area19 mm x 13.5 mm
Chip size21 mm x 15 mm
Chip thickness0.625 mm

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Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
1 4 € 1113.00
5 9 € 913.00
10 and more € 763.00

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