High throughput and robust spectrometer modules for OEM integration

The ROCK XNIR spectrometers offer the market’s highest throughput industrial grade spectrometers. These benefits are accomplished by our highly efficient in-house manufactured transmission gratings and a high numerical aperture 0.22 (f/2.2) nearly on-axis beam geometry in the optical bench.

Key features

  • 1175 to 2185 nm wavelength range
  • Numerical aperture of 0.22
  • Typical resolution of 6 nm (FWHM)
  • Symmetrical peak shapes
  • Athermal optical bench


  • RSX-465 – using 256 pixel extended range InGaAs detector

Download Product Sheets

pdf_icon Product sheet – XNIR 1175-2185nm


Request a quotation here for any of our ROCK spectrometers. If you have special requirements for resolution, detector, or wavelength range just enter those into the “Request quotation” form.