Ultra compact and cost-efficient OEM spectrometer modules for the visible range

The PEBBLE VIS spectrometers offer an ultra compact and cost-efficient spectrometer module for OEM manufacturers of analytical instruments that do not want to sacrifice performance and robustness for compactness.

PEBBLE VIS is based on the same proven diffraction grating technology used in all other Ibsen spectrometers. This ensures that PEBBLE can be manufactured in high quantities with very small unit-to-unit performance variation.

The ultra compact PEBBLE VIS spectrometer covers a wavelength range of 360 – 830 nm and offers a resolution of 6 nm.

If the specifications of our standard PEBBLE configurations do not match your requirements, Ibsen can customize an OEM spectrometer to meet your exact needs.

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Introducing Ultra Compact PEBBLE

Key features

  • 360 to 830 nm wavelength range
  • Numerical aperture of 0.22
  • Resolution: 6 nm (typical)
  • Fast and very sensitive CMOS detector array with 256 pixels
  • Electronics interface: small flex-connector
  • Optional SMA fiber adapter and order sorting filter
  • Footprint of 20 mm x 15 mm x 8 mm

Noise in detectors for Spectroscopy


PBV-105Hamamatsu S14739Cost effective, high sensitivity

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pdf_icon PEBBLE VIS 360 – 830 nm


Request a quotation here for our PEBBLE VIS spectrometers. If you have special requirements for resolution, detector, or wavelength range just enter those into the “Request quotation” form.

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