Eagle Raman-S

High Numerical Aperture

The EAGLE Raman-S is a robust, athermal, industrial grade, diode array based spectrometer especially well-suited for Raman spectroscopy.

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Key features

  • Wavelength range 800 – 1100 nm to enable both 785 and 830 nm laser wavelengths
  • High resolution down to 0.4 nm (6 cm-1 @ 830 nm)
  • High NA of 0.3 / F-number 1.6
  • High efficiency, transmission grating based design

Key benefits

  • High throughput
  • Robust and athermal design
  • Support for multiple camera/detector types
  • Error free imaging of linear fiber array in image plane
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  • ENS-392 – for low cost
  • ENS-C316 – for long integration time

Download Product sheets

pdf_icon  EAGLE Raman-S 800-1100 nm


Request a quotation here for any of our EAGLE spectrometers. If you have special requirements for resolution, detector, or wavelength range just enter those into the “Request Quotation” form.

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