Spectrometer Evaluation Tools

iPhoneYou probably from time to time need to do some quick evaluation of various optical designs for a spectroscopic system. And you don’t want to spend days on running a full numerical calculation tool like Zemax or CODES.

Very often, you need to cover a specific wavelength range with a certain resolution, and want to evaluate how different detector widths, grating groove densities and image magnifications will affect your focal lengths and slit sizes.

To do that, we have created a handful of guides and calculators that we ourselves find very useful.

These include:

The calculators can be downloaded to you desktop or mobile device for free. For Raman spectrometers, the range and resolution are specified in inverse cm-1, so we added a calculator to convert from Raman shift in cm-1 to wavelength in nm. We hope that these tools will help you in your daily work.