Our I-MON Interrogation Monitor series for Fiber Bragg sensing systems consists of the following popular variants:


I-MON OEM without electronics

OEM – Our successful I-MON 256 OEM and its big brother, the I-MON 512 OEM with broader wavelength version. You make the electrical interface, and the pin-compatible diode arrays allow you to drive both versions with the same electronics.


I-MON USB with USB interface

USB – We make the electronics interface and pack the devices in a rugged EMC shielded housing, as we did with the well-proven I-MON 512E. This relatively new and cost-efficient series includes the I-MON 256 USB and the I-MON 512 USB. Measurement speed up to 6 kHz with the usual sub-picometer wavelength-fit resolution.


I-MON HIgh Speed with GigE interface

High Speed – Lastly, we have also added both an I-MON 256 and a 512 High Speed to the family, GigE interface, measurement speed up to 17/35 kHz – again with the usual sub-picometer wavelength-fit resolution.




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