PEAK DMD Based OEM Spectrometers

TI DMD (MEMS mirror array) Technology

The PEAK DMD based spectrometer platform is a series of cost-efficient, pre-configured compact OEM spectrometers that provide:

PEAK DMD based OEM spectrometer from Ibsen Photonics
  • Fast speed
  • Compact design
  • High throughput
  • High numerical aperture
  • Robust, athermal design

The PEAK platform enables a whole new dimension of programmability in your spectroscopic instruments that have not been possible with any other spectrometer technology on the market.

PEAK utilizes IBSEN’s high efficiency fused silica transmission gratings combined with the Texas Instruments’s DLP® technology in order to provide the spectral programmability. With PEAK you can control the relative power and exposure time independently for each wavelength in your spectrum. PEAK is supplied with control electronics and uses Ibsen’s Evaluation Software for Windows with advanced column and Hadamard scan functions for improved signal to noise ratio.

Key benefits

  • High throughput
  • Compact design
  • Fast speed
  • Robust and stable technology


Our DMD spectrometer are well suited as the spectral engine in your Process Analytical Technology (PAT) instrument for a wealth of applications in:

  • Biophotonics and pharmaceuticals
  • Food production and agriculture
  • Healthcare and life science

This is due to both a lower cost than traditional DDA based spectrometers and a much more stable operation than traditional scanning grating-based spectrometers.

On our application pages, you can find help to identify which of our spectrometer platforms best suits your needs.

Ibsen can customize a PEAK solution to your specifications as described in our OEM project model. If you want to evaluate the PEAK technology, you have the option to test our PEAK XNIR prototypes.

DMD based spectrometer