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Ibsen Photonics is dedicated to being your OEM partner for spectroscopic modules. We can provide anything from a stand-alone grating to a complete spectrometer module for integration into your analytical instrument.

In many situations, one of the standard or slightly modified ROCK, PEAK, FREEDOM, PEBBLE, or EAGLE spectrometer configurations might suit your requirements. An example of a slight modification could be the exchange of the detector to a new type not listed as part of the standard configurations.

However, in case you need an OEM spectrometer customized to your specifications, Ibsen will work with you according to the following overall project model.

OEM project model

The various phases are described in more detail below. We will assign a key technical contact for you within Ibsen Photonics to work with you through the project. A typical project will take between 2 – 12 calendar months depending on the complexity of the project.

The Ibsen team has extensive experience in bringing new spectrometer products from design to volume manufacturing.

The benefits for your project are lower technical and commercial risk and robust design than can be manufactured at high volume without cost creeps, rework, or field return.

Optical design/feasibility

During this phase, Ibsen will make initial optical design calculations based on your requirements. Typical activities in this phase could be:

  • Optical design simulations and estimation of optical performance
  • Thermal and mechanical tolerance analysis
  • Optical component selection
  • Grating design/selection
  • Detector/camera selection

Mechanical design

In this phase, mechanical frames and holders are designed using CAD.

Prototype assembly and testing

During this phase Ibsen Photonics will:

  • Order all materials needed to manufacture a few prototypes
  • Assemble a few prototypes and test the prototypes against the performance predicted in the first phase

Due to our extensive experience in spectrometer designs, there is almost always a very good agreement between the predicted and actual measured performance.

Testing at customer site

Once Ibsen has built and tested the first few prototypes they are shipped to you for your testing and final approval.

Transfer to manufacturing

We design all our spectrometer modules in such a way that they can fit into our manufacturing process right after you have approved the prototypes as described in the previous phase. During this phase environmental tests are done and pilot units.

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